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Fall 2020

The Golden Days

If you do not follow me on social media, you probably do not know that I just got back from escaping to the mountains for a few days. I needed a hard reset and to distance my mind for a bit, so off to western North Carolina I went. These past few days were relaxing, fun, and most importantly - inspiring. Being surrounded by nothing but nature, especially as the leaves are beginning to transition, is truly all that an extremely overworked girl can ask for... especially when she is trying to forget about her responsibilities. As we drove home, I sat gazing out the window trying to figure out how I would hold onto this feeling of complete and utter happiness.

Let me be the first to break the bad news - I woke up this morning, tried to get coffee from Starbucks only to find the line wrapped around the building, drove home, made a less than satisfying first cup of coffee, and settled in for my daily scrum meeting. It was around 9:23 am, give or take, that I began to feel the stress settle back in. It is now 5:33 pm, work is "done" for the day, and I am using this blog to reminisce on the trip in hopes to regain some of the happiness via nostalgia.

What about the mountains makes everything melt away? The breath taking sunsets? The overwhelming silence? Honestly, I'm not sure. What I do know is that as the sun began to set each day, I would feel the warmth on my face matched with a cool breeze and knew that everything in that exact moment was perfect. Some people call this time of day the "golden hour" for the perfect lighting it casts for photos, but it is much bigger than that for me - it is the feeling of freedom. Forget golden hour, I want a golden day!

This week's featured item is the Ochre Jumpsuit, which in order to tie it to my rant above, could pass for being "golden". This jumpsuit embodies one of my favorite attributes a piece of clothing can have - versatility. I love when I can reach into my closet, pull out an item, and know it will be comfortable throughout the day. Yes comfort is important, but let's be honest here, I would sacrifice comfort for a good 'fit. Fortunately this item is also easy to style multiple ways to get a top notch look. Scroll down to get the details of the four looks I threw together for this edit.

Sold out


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edit #1

I wanted to dress down the first look to show it as a cozy, early fall look with styles that you may already have in your closet. Throwing on an oversized cardigan with a cute pair of sneaks is an easy look to get you out of the house fast!

One of my current favs in the Fall collection is the cardigan I paired with this look. It is super versatile and the color pairs well with almost anything.

For the items you can not find at 13W:

edit #2

For this edit, I did not want to do too much to the jumpsuit, but instead let texture with the belted waist speak for itself.

I paired this look with the most versatile layering necklace ever and my favorite NEW statement earrings, which are all linked below.

edit #3


With this look, I really just wanted to put something together that I would wear just about anywhere at any time. I fell in love with this edit for how trendy it is, while still being incredibly comfortable.

I paired this look with a thick, oversized button down, trendy blue light frames, and simple earrings all linked below.

For the items you can not find at 13W:

edit #4

This last edit, I focused on nailing down an evening look to dress the jumper up a bit. Any chunky sweater will do the trick, but I felt the thick turtle neck added some extra "edge".

I paired this look with some dainty hoops and a staple in my jewelry collection - the Half United bullet necklace. All of these are linked below.

For the items you can not find at 13W:

If you do not hear from me next week, I have ran away to the mountains (again)...

'til next time. - E

Written by Eleanor


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