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Edition 1.5

Edition 1.5
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Fall 2020

Back to The Basics

The Golden Rule: Treat people the way you want to be treated. Basic, simple, but debatably the most important message given to children to help shape who they are as a person. In today's climate, it is a rule that needs to be stated not only to our younger generation, but it wouldn't hurt to remind us all every now and then.

As the tension in this country continues its steady climb, I challenge you to stop and question how things have become this bad. In order to dig ourselves out of this hole, we must start listening to each other. At the end of the day, people are feeling silenced and are crying out to be heard. A little bit of empathy can begin to move us in a positive direction.

The basics of humanity: be nice to people.


For this week's edition, we are doing something a little different and highlighting the two key "basics" that are in the shop right now. Each of them can be found below and are essentials for every closet.


This tank is super versatile due to the fabric. It is a thick, athletic type fabric making it perfect for all weather conditions. It can be easily layered or worn by itself.

Long Sleeve

These long sleeves are seriously everything you could ever want from a long sleeve mock neck. The fabric is soft, durable, and sticks to you just the right amount. Due to the body con shape, you can even get away with pretending like it is a bodysuit!

Do me a favor, JUST BE NICE TO PEOPLE.

To quote my favorite southern belle, my mother, "you can attract more flies with honey."

'til next time. - E



Written by Eleanor


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