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The beginning stages of Vessel Candle Studio, began in a home kitchen as a creative distraction from a wild mind and an restless heart. 2020 has spared no kindness to any soul, testing our limits of perseverance, tolerances, regard for another human’s life, patience, internal compass, the list could continue. I turned to working with my hands to ease up on my anxieties and stress I was feeling toward my retail business. Through continued research ( as, I am still new to this), I have found some of the best “recipes” for wax and scent combinations that bring on nostalgic memories of the past, present happenings, but also those special moments to look forward to in your future.

A flame, is such a significant representation of how I am choosing to find meaning in this year. Keep burning and shine bright, so other may see the way out of the darkness. As a business owner we go into ever decision not knowing if it will grow or hinder our business model yet we take the risk to hopefully have a positive outcome. Vessel Candle Studio will now hold a place with Thirteen West as our sister brand/company. I will continue to work at this line, bringing forward a product that is known and trusted to be safe in your home.

Know that these candles have been hand poured with a pure intentional thought on how to be the most eco friendly, using 100% premium soy wax blend, non-toxic ingredients, and encouraged refill capability.

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