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VCS - Melted Wax I 11oz

VCS - Melted Wax I 11oz

Hand Poured in NC | Eco Friendly | 100% Natural Soy Wax | Non - Toxic Ingredients

Candle Wax weight | 11oz  | 312g 

Jar total weight | 36oz | 1050g



Have no fear, this candle does have a gentle, beautiful scent. we are not just sending you a jar of plain wax. This blend had our team confused at first because it did not take us to any memory or point in our life which we all thought to be a neat outcome. This brings a new scent profile of a wooded musk meets light floral creating the most " happy medium " scent profile of this line. 

Note Profile:

Top: Green Leaves, Germanium 

Middle: Amber, Rose

Base: Patchouli, Light + Dark Musk, Ozone


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